Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

My friend Sheila and I went junking on Saturday. I thought I was good at this stuff, but Sheila's got it down to an art! We even went online and found estate sales in the area.... and she knows the Richmond area well enough that we never got lost (her GPS helped!) We also checked out a couple of big thrift stores that are closer to downtown (no luck at those, though!)

My favorite find of the day was the copper bracelet I got from an estate sale. It was $4. The cufflinks are for my hubby, of course.... they were $2. Also at the same sale was the base to a bench. I hope to make an ottoman from it. If I succeed, it will be well worth the $2 I paid for it!

 At another estate sale, we found this Pyrex double boiler. I have always wanted a double boiler... even better that it's Pyrex! Chocolate sauce, anyone? At the same sale, I picked up an assortment of beautiful fabric, crocheted doilies, and an embroidered mat for 50 cents each. I also found lids for my Pyrex divided casseroles I found last weekend at a thrift store.

This was another goody from a different estate sale. This sewing book was published in 1972.... it's older than I am (although not by much...) It's full of wonderful 70's artwork! At the same sale, I got a small Fire King white bowl for 10 cents, several glass containers for terrariums, and an assortment of vintage bindings and laces. Sheila got a very old Singer sewing machine still in working order with the table and bench for $25. The bench was full of scissors and accessories for the machine. That was the bargain of the day for sure!

Have you found any lovelies this week? I'd love to hear about them!

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