Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

I lucked out this week... I made a mid week stop at our large Goodwill store and found this tea set... they were $8 all together. I love the simplicity of the pieces... no markings, so I don't know who made them. I had a wonderful conversation with one of my patients about tea sets after I told her about this find. She told me that back in the 50's, they would often serve tea from sets like this when entertaining. She reminisced about her favorite sets and who she's passed them down to. I love to hear the stories from my patients!

I think this set will match my teacups and saucers I found a few weeks ago. Now I need to have a tea party!

Have you found any lovelies while thrifting this week?


  1. Oh lucky find! They look very 1960's! I have a soft spot of 1960's and 70's dishes like that, sleek and elegant. SO fun!