Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! Pyrex!

This week was a great week for Pyrex! My older daughter and I went to the big Goodwill store here in Richmond and found a couple of things:

This casserole dish needed a bit of love from a Magic Eraser... but for $1, I couldn't leave it in the store... it was a 1/2 price item. And then my daughter talked me into buying this mug:

It was only $1, too... and I see these all the time. Maybe I'll have a set someday.... but this was my best addition to my collection this week:

After talking to my mother in law about what I was looking for at thrift stores, she remembered that she had this set somewhere, and she found it today. We had dinner over there this evening, and she gifted these to me. I am so happy! Isn't the pattern beautiful? I feel like a lucky girl!

That's what's thrifty this Thursday! Have you found any lovelies this week?


  1. What fantastic finds!! Love those!! :-)

  2. oooooh the blue ones are so precious!!

  3. Thanks, guys! We should go thrifing together sometime! :)