Monday, February 28, 2011

Manic Monday! Embroidery

What do you do when you are stir crazy but only have enough energy to veg on the sofa? Embroidery, of course! I checked out a book from the library with various new and awesome stitches, but really couldn't make them come to life until I found this awesome website: Needle-n-thread. She taught me the spider web stitch, helped me master the French knot, and helped me learn the really fun petal stitch where the embroidery isn't really on the base fabric at all. I e-mailed the creator, Mary Corbet, and told her how much I appreciated all of the wonderful video tutorials she offers on her site. Truly a treasure! She was so gracious... e-mailed me right back with equally kind words. So please check out her site if you want to learn some new embroidery techniques!

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