Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Alright, so these weren't so thrifty... I got these at an antique store. However, they were a decent deal, and they were what I was really looking for! So, now I have a small and a large Pyrex bowl in peacock blue. I just need a medium one to complete the set! I actually fell in love with a medium one at at Class and Trash, but it had a few flaws, and I thought it cost too much for its condition. I thought about it all week, then went back for it, and it was gone. So, imagine my joy when shopping with my friend Suzanne when we turned the corner in that antique store and found a whole booth of Pyrex and other retro goodies! :) I'm amazed that I only left with these two pieces... but I had to leave some treasures for someone else! Found anything great lately?