Monday, February 7, 2011

Manic Monday! Embroidery

Happy February, everyone! A favorite quote for the month! I'm still debating about what to create for March.

February is a pretty important month around here, since my older daughter's birthday is on the 5th. We celebrated with breakfast on Saturday at the legendary Richmond Krispy Kreme (we call their doughnuts "hot nows" because of the neon sign announcing their fresh yummies!) We love to watch the doughnuts travel through the factory part. We followed breakfast with some bowling. 4 games in 2 hours. My husband, who used to bowl in leagues and was pretty competitive, beat the pants off of the girls and me... and the girls beat me all but one game! Sad... so sad! We had dinner at Tripp's, and my older daughter invited a couple of her girlfriends to come, too! And I reorganized my pantry. A happy day all around!

Sunday was spent at church for my younger daughter and me, followed by an afternoon of cooking: homemade soup and banana bread. My husband took my older daughter fishing. I'm pretty sure they had fun! The superbowl wasn't so super for me... not that I really care too much about football, but it was just OK.
What did you do for fun this weekend? Host any Superbowl parties?

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