Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Foyer

I have always wanted a foyer in my house, and I finally have one! Slowly but surely, I am making this house ours. I made an embroidered piece for the space that I am happy with. All of the buttons and most of the ribbon used in the piece have been passed down from my husband's family. Some of it is from his great grandmother! It's fun to sort through that vintage stash and find ribbons with the Thalheimer's tags still on! I don't know of many Virginians who even know that Thalheimer's department store used to have a sewing department!

I wonder what else I can embroider? :)


  1. THIS is why I just adore you!! Can I come see your foyer.....pronounced "faw-yer" in my Thalheimer lovin' Richmond family! It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized IT is pronounced "Tall-Himers" and NOT "Tall-Hammers"......your creation is beautiful!!!!

    If you are off any through the holidays, maybe we can get together and create!!! :)

  2. Beautiful girl!!! Love it!!! You need to make those for Etsy! I would be your first customer ;-)

  3. Thanks, you guys!!! :) And I would love to have another craft night together! We are long overdue for one!